Messina, Undersecretary Barachini visits the editorial offices and press center of Società Editrice Sud


By John

The Undersecretary for Publishing Alberto Barachini at its first institutional presence in Sicily, visited the corporate headquarters of Società Editrice Sud Gazzetta del Sud Giornale di Sicilia this evening, welcomed by the president and editorial director Lino Morgante, president of the Bonino Pulejo Foundation, and accompanied by the prefect Cosima Di Stani. The members of the board of directors of the non-profit organization, reference member of the SES, were present Margherita Leto, Salvatore Ruggero Arena, Sanny Calarco, Eugenio Cucinotta, the vice president Ses Giuseppe Ilacquathe editorial staff and the printing sector.

All the administrative offices, the management and the editorial offices of the Gazzetta del Sud media (paper newspaper, website, RTP TV and radio Antenna dello Stretto), the Bonino Pulejo Foundation and Speed, the Group’s commercial concessionaire.

The visit also touched on the printing centre, in the evening phase of full production activity, with the two rotary presses, one traditional and one with the latest generation towers, inaugurated in 2018, the year in which the Giornale di Sicilia, the historic Sicilian newspaper founded in 1860 has become part of the Ses Group with all its media (newspaper, website, TGS TV and RGS radio).

A technologically cutting-edge system, in which in addition to the group’s newspapers (Gazzetta del Sud and Giornale di Sicilia), nine other newspapers are also printed, helping to guarantee the plurality of information in the reference territories, Sicily and Calabria. The Kba rotary press which prints full color up to 96 pages in 35×50 format, up to 40 thousand copies per hour, was then joined by the new press, more ecological and efficient, which can print up to a maximum of 72 full color pages in 31X44 format . It is a single-width machine based on 9 towers, a truly innovative jewel for automation and electronics, which provides fully automatic plate change and remote control at the end of each cycle. It was designed for short editions and allows for high productivity. It is also equipped with an automatic register control system that allows perfect four-color printing in tabloid format.

Tomorrow the dialogue with young people

Tomorrow morning at 10 in the auditorium of the corporate center the sen. Barachini will inaugurate the fifth edition of the GDS Academy by talking with young people, as part of the media literacy activities promoted by the Ses Group for the world of Education, through in particular the Noi Magazine inserts of Gazzetta del Sud and GDScuola of the Giornale di Sicilia. Present were students, teachers and managers of the schools of Messina and Calabria, and university delegations, including that of the School of Excellence and the student newspaper UniVersoMe of the University of Messina. Of special significance is the presence of the institutional representatives, together with whom Ses conducts its journey for the benefit of the youngest through information and training, in the wake of the mission of the Bonino Pulejo Foundation, a non-profit body which is the Company’s reference shareholder. The meeting, live streaming on the Gazzetta’s YouTube channel, will open at 10 on the theme “Quality information between new media and artificial intelligence” with the introduction of President Morgante, then the speech of Undersecretary Barachini who will then respond to the many questions prepared by students on the topics of the meeting, always at the center of the intense activity carried out during the year as part of the “Gazzetta del Sud in class with Noi Magazine” project, sponsored by the order of Journalists of Sicily and supported from the school offices of Sicily and Calabria.