Red Cross: “In Gaza, rescue is carried out following the screams. We only have 5 ambulances, the others have been destroyed”


By John

“Throughout the Gaza Strip there were 48 Red Crescent ambulances, we lost 23 due to attacks and bombings, while another five lack fuel: in northern Gaza, where the war is raging, only five remain , of which two have just been attacked”. This is what he reports to the ANSA correspondent Giovanna Bizzarro, Italian representative for the Red Cross in Palestine, currently working within the operations center that coordinates medical and humanitarian aid from Ramallah. In recent days, Israel has accused Hamas militiamen of using ambulances to move within the Strip.

“We have moved the 5 ambulances we have left to the north of Gaza in strategic points: having lost communications with the operations center in the area, which has been dismantled, we proceed by listening to the screams for help. We continue to receive calls to the number emergency of citizens trapped by the rubble and people stuck at home, but often our teams are unable to reach the affected people”, Giovanna Bizzarro reports to ANSA correspondent on site.