Messina: water problems, school sizing and peak flu are the topics covered in the Gazzetta-RTP house in the Christmas village


By John

Penultimate direct from the Christmas village in via Laudamo. This time too, the topics covered in the program hosted by were different Salvatore De Maria. The first concerns school sizing with the participation of the school administrator Stello Vadala. So, with the president of Amam, Loredana Bonaserathe problem of water shortages was addressed which caused inconvenience to many inhabitants of some areas of the city around New Year’s Eve. There was talk of the imminent works on the Fiumefreddo pipeline which will require the interruption of distribution for at least one day. The president of the medical association also spoke Giacomo Caudo to talk about the peak of flu that is forcing many people from Messina to bed these days. Leo Lippolis took stock of the New Year’s Eve celebrations, while Maurice Present has revealed some contents of the show “Where we see you” which will be broadcast on RTP starting from January 16th. Opening and closing space for the theater of taste with Saro Gugliotta and the professor of food chemistry at the University of Messina Nicola Cicero