Messina, work on the Ritiro viaduct: the second and last beam on the deck has also been launched


By John

The most complicated phase of the final rush for the conclusion of the works of Ritiro viaduct has been completed. In fact, the second and last beam on the deck was also launched, completing the heavy carpentry work which had to be carried out with the aid of a large crane and with the help of the weather conditions. Between yesterday and today the entire launching of the two beams was completed, despite the rain especially yesterday, now only the minor parts remain to be installed.
The vertical and horizontal braces, the sheets of the horizontal part of the deck. By the end of the month everything should be completed, at least according to Toto Costruzioni's forecasts. Once this type of intervention has been completed on approximately one thousand square metres, we will be able to start with the new phase, the one that should bring the work to the finish line. That is, the installation of the reinforcement, the casting of the slabs and the finishes that will lead to the total completion of the structure. To date, around 45 workers are employed on the Ritiro viaduct, of which around twenty have been temporarily transferred from the Toto construction site in Cefalù.

The last mile, in short, of a road that now appears downhill. This type of work, which started at the end of February, allowed the installation of the last two spans of the Ritiro viaduct. For a week the exit of the Giostra ring road was closed at the entrance precisely to allow crane maneuvers which were then complicated by the strong wind. In the next few weeks, the top management of Toto Costruzioni should arrive in Messina to verify the operations completed so far and for a discussion with the Consorzio Autostrade Siciliane. The delivery date of the work always remains between the middle and the end of June, then testing time will be needed for the complete reopening. An open city council meeting is scheduled for March 21st with the presence of the top management of Toto Costruzioni.