Catania, the poets arrive in Librino with the project “The dream of dreaming”


By John

«There is no future without dreaming of the future»: the patron's new project was born from this vision Antonio PrestiThat on March 18, 19 and 20will host some nationally renowned poets in Librino (Catania), for a meeting with the citizens of today and tomorrow – school pupils – aimed at «educating in thought, imagination, detachment from reality, with the aim of looking to the future with renewed energy, transforming fantasy, creativity and imagination into desires and aspirations”. “The Dream of Dreaming” is the initiative of the Fiumara d'Arte Foundation, which wants to trace a guided path to the dream, accompanying young people out of reality with the explosive force of the word, thus pushing them to see things from an “other” point of view, « to rediscover the freedom of dreaming: a subversive gesture, compared to the “here and now” of goods and consumption; design impact force, which brings about a metamorphosis of desire, piercing the wall of resignation to the existing, opening life to the other side of the possible. And there is no future without the dream of the future. Therefore the dream inhabits the margin: the migrants, the suburbs, the children, the artists, the poets”, like this Maria Attanasioone of the protagonists of the project wanted by maestro Presti.

A journey that begins once again in the schools of Librino – in the Brancati, Dusmet, Campanella-Sturzo, Rita Atria, Musco, Pestalozzi and San Giorgio institutes – thus bringing a marginalized and complex neighborhood closer to the verses of 18 poets, including great veterans and emerging voices of Sicilian poetry. «It will be a great opportunity to introduce students of all ages to poets and poetry. Around the theme of the dream, the children will experiment with the use of the word as an instrument of freedom, they will read in class, they will listen in the readings, they will create their own verses, they will live the experience of the poetic text not as an object of study, but as joy and creativity “, points out Mauro Manganohead teacher of IOS Musco.

Hope is a daydream”, claimed Aristotle: this overwhelming river of projects to be carried out, of ideas to be realized, of purposes to be pursued, will subsequently flow into the center of Catania, in the “Spedalieri” and “Boggio Lera” high schools. The respective school principals, Vincenza Giraldo and Valeria Pappalardo, they welcomed the proposal with open arms: «The school cannot fail to be attentive and protagonist when it comes to poetry and in particular, as in this edition, of “dream”, of “utopia”. The need to go beyond contemporaneity, one's own experience, one's routine, to imagine and dream of other realities, is one of the fundamental purposes of school. We educate about beauty, about the transversality of disciplines, about the idea that awareness and perhaps even happiness can arise from knowledge.”


The journey will then continue in the afternoon, with two meetings open to the public, again in Catania: on March 18th, at 5.30pm, in the Mondadori bookshop (Piazza Roma 18), Maria Attanasio and Gianmario Villalta they will delight the audience with their verses; on March 19th, again at 5.30 pm, in the Feltrinelli bookshop (Via Etnea 283)it will instead be up to Davide Rondoni and Cettina Caliò. An opportunity open to all to rediscover the value of the word and the power of meaning: «The premises that will host the afternoon meetings with the poets will become spaces open to the city. Catania is therefore invited to listen to the voice of the poets who have so much to give in this time of exploded centers and dehumanizing algorithms”, declared the bookshop managers.


At the end of the day – 18 and 19 March – the poets' journey will return to the starting point, right in Librino, where they will meet the students' families thanks to social dinners at the IC Brancati and IOS Musco offices. The opportunity for the whole neighborhood to come together in a cenacle made of verses and good food, thanks to the thoughts of the participating poets – Davide Rondoni, Gian Mario Villalta, Maria Attanasio, Cettina Caliò, Pietro Russo, Giuseppe Condorelli, Biagio Guarrera, Paolo Lisi, Enzo Cannizzo, Erica Donzella, Giulio Di Dio, Angelo Santangelo, Grazia Calanna, Dario Matteo Gargano, Fabrizio Ferreri, Pietro Cagni , Raffaele Gueli, Gabriella Grasso – will allow Librino to become the beginning and end of the “Dream of Dreaming”, welcoming Poetry with open arms to open your eyes to the world, knowing yourself and others, without fiction and without screens. «This event is first and foremost a party. A Librino party, in Librino, for Librino. Poetry participates as an invited guest, and its gift is a vision of dreams and dreaming that is “done” with words. Making poetry is a concrete and social action: choosing the right words, as poets know how to do, means laying the foundations for change, building a common space without centers and peripheries where no one is excluded”, he concludes Peter Russopoet and project manager.


Monday 18 March
9.30 am IC Brancati (D. Rondoni)
9.30 am IOS Musco (M. Attanasio)
9.30am IO Pestalozzi (G. Villalta)

11.30am Boggio Lera High School (Attanasio, Villalta, Rondoni)

5.30pm Mondadori Bookshop (Attanasio, Villalta)

7.30pm IC Brancati – Social Dinner and Poetry Reading

Tuesday 19 March
9.30 am IC Campanella Sturzo (G. Villalta)
9.30 am IC Fontanarossa (Rondoni, Guerrera)
9.30 am IOS Musco (C. Caliò)

9.30 am IC Sangiorgio (M. Attanasio)

11.30am Liceo Spedalieri (Attanasio, Rondoni)

5.30pm Feltrinelli Bookshop (Rondoni, Caliò)

6.30pm IOS Musco Social Dinner and Poetry Reading

Wednesday 20 March

10.30 am IC Dusmet (C. Caliò)