Middle East, Israel withdraws the delegation from the Doha negotiations. Hamas calls for an end to airdrops of aid


By John

Israel, on the recommendation of Mossad chief David Barnea, today withdrew its delegation from the negotiations underway in Doha on Gaza. Israeli public radio said so. The decision followed the stance of Hamas which, after the UN resolution on the ceasefire in Gaza, last night informed the mediators of Qatar and Egypt that it would not abandon its demands on the negotiations, including the withdrawal of the Israeli army from the Strip. “Hamas' position clearly demonstrates that it is not interested in continuing negotiations and represents painful proof of the damage caused by the Security Council's decision” on the ceasefire in Gaza. The prime minister's office said so Benjamin Netanyahu. After noting that Hamas rejected the US compromise proposal, the prime minister's office reiterated: ''Israel will not give in to Hamas's outlandish demands and will continue to act to achieve the objectives of the war.''

Meanwhile, Hamas authorities in the Gaza Strip have called for an end to airdrops of aid and the opening of land access for humanitarian convoys. Hamas' request stems from the fact that seven people drowned in Gaza while trying to recover aid parachuted into the sea. In the meantime, Ismail Haniyehthe head of Hamas's political bureau, has arrived in Tehran where talks regarding the war in Gaza are scheduled with high-level Iranian officials, including the Foreign Minister of the Islamic Republic, Hossein Amirabdollahian. Iran's state TV reports it. Haniyeh – Hamas declared on Telegram – leads “a high-level delegation of the movement which will have a series of meetings and discussions with the Iranian leadership on political and on-the-ground developments relating to the ongoing war in Gaza and all the variables linked to the Palestinian dossier ». Part of the Israeli delegation will remain in Qatar to continue discussing Hamas's position in relation to the ceasefire and the release of the hostages: this was reported by an Israeli source to Haaretz, stating that the negotiations for the agreement “have not collapsed”.