Cosenza, the Municipality rewards the rising star of motoring Ermanno Quintieri


By John

Indicated by many as the new name in Italian motorsport, Ermanno Quintieri, a sixteen-year-old karting driver from Cosenza, has the makings of a champion and the attitude of someone who, with seriousness and rigor, pursues the goal of climbing the steps of the Italian karting championship , aware that no goal is precluded to him because he has the passion and also the ability to dream and get closer to the realization of his dreams. This morning Ermanno Quintieri participated in the press conference held in the reception hall of Palazzo dei Bruzi and requested by Mayor Franz Caruso to illustrate the details of the participation of the young driver from Cosenza in the 2024 ACI Karting Italian championship which will take place starting from April 19th , with the first stage the race on the Triscina circuit, in the province of Trapani, Sicily. Mayor Franz Caruso, at the opening of the press conference, recalled his passion for motoring and motoring in general, “which however – highlighted the mayor – in our region and in our province suffers from the lack of adequate structures to be able to support our young talents. An atavistic problem – added Franz Caruso – that we have always had with us. And it's a real shame, because we are a land of drivers who have proliferated, especially in races on mountain circuits, but who have never been able to count on a circuit worthy of the name that could guarantee training and indulge the passions and talents of our territory. Our region, like our city and our province, have given birth to many drivers of great value who have even touched Formula One (such as Fuoco), but the various Marozzo, Scola, Casciaro and Ritacca, and which, unfortunately, due to the lack of infrastructure and support from local entrepreneurs, have had to surrender to the difficulties that still persist”. Then the Mayor recalled that, immediately upon taking office, together with Councilor Covelli, he had carried out an inspection in the area of ​​the geodesic domes, “because – he explained – we wanted to use the PNRR funds to create a sports structure of this size type. There wasn't enough space to carry it out and we couldn't carry on with the project.” Addressing Ermanno Quintieri, the mayor then remarked that “passion can become a profession and Ermanno is on the right path. Being close to him as an institution can be useful in inducing some enthusiasts or entrepreneurs from our area to invest in a promising young person capable of representing our land at the highest levels. You are no longer a promise for karting, because you are a reality, but you can be a promise to go further and we hope that you can achieve increasingly prestigious goals.”
Then the Mayor handed over the city seal to Ermanno Quintieri, but not before giving him another input. “Sport is discipline, it is a rule and it is very important to practice sport, because it teaches us to respect the rules and this is fundamental for the democratic development of our community”. And then: “also continue to study, because studying is essential for the growth of all of us. You can also practice sport at a professional level, without abandoning your studies.”
Mario Petraglia, ACI Sport representative for zone 6, which includes Basilicata and Calabria, and under whose aegis the 2024 Italian championship will take place, also took part in this morning's press conference. Starting with congratulations to the Mayor Franz Caruso and the Municipal administration, “for the sensitivity shown in supporting Ermanno Quintieri, which is not – he said – a fact to be taken for granted -, ACI sport contact person for 10 years for Basilicata and 5 for Calabria and sports manager in various federations, Petraglia launched his warning: “we must be like farmers, big shoes and fine brains. Not complaining, but proactive, demonstrating our capabilities to others.” It was then the turn of the driver from Cosenza whose first test of the new 2024 season was the exhilarating victory achieved on the occasion of his first official outing at the Sele Circuit in Battipaglia, where, after an uncertain start which saw him starting from last position, due to a mechanical failure that troubled him during qualifying, he managed to get back on top, by dint of overtaking – one of his specialties – imposing himself in KZ2, the premier class of karting. Ermanno's season will be long and full of commitments, but if the good morning starts in the morning… It was he himself who told the press conference about Battipaglia's feat. “A race that started in a difficult way due to mechanical problems, but I was sure I could win even starting from last position. It was very exciting with all those overtaking. It's nicer to win when you start from last position.” Ermanno also returned to the issue of the lack of adequate circuits in Calabria. “The closest one is 400 kilometers away. I hope that an entrepreneur takes note of this situation and tries to lend a hand.” So he highlighted the gap between North and South. “In the North – he said – there is more infrastructure and more passion for motor sports and we should fill this gap”. And on upcoming commitments: “I hope that this season I can give my best and improve on the performances of previous years. The main objective is to go beyond the limits that I had set for myself in past championships, also because it will be a difficult championship and everything will be made more complicated by the fact that I will be among the youngest among the drivers competing and the opponents who I will challenge them, they have much more experience.” And while the Italian championship is about to start, Ermanno will be at the Sarno circuit on Saturday where he will return to testing the Formula 4. His program involves doing as many tests as possible and starting to climb the steps, also looking ahead to the European championship and the world championship . And why not, one day, to Formula One. The Mayor is right when he says to “keep your feet on the ground, but you have to dream”. And Ermanno's dream is not a forbidden dream at all.