Migrants, new landing at the port of Reggio coming from Lampedusa: there are 569


By John

The ferry ship “Paolo Veronese”, coming from Lampedusa, landed in the evening 569 migrants in the port of Reggio Calabria. The operations took place under the control of the police forces and with the help of the Red Cross volunteers, the disembarkation coordination operators of the diocesan Curia, and the Civil Protection. According to what we have learned, the distribution plan envisaged by the Ministry of the Interior assigns 180 of the new arrivals in Vibo Valentia, 130 in Roccella Jonica and 30 in Siderno.

Some of the new arrivals will be temporarily housed in the disused gym of the Boccioni school, on the northern outskirts of the city, transformed into a ‘hub’ capable of hosting 300 people, to ensure progressive distribution in the rest of Italy.