Migrants, shipwreck off the coast of Libya: at least 61 missing. There were 86 on board, among the victims women and children


By John

At least 61 migrants are missing and probably dead after the sinking of a rubber dinghy with 86 people on board occurred off the coast of Libya, where the boat had left, from Zuara. This is what Flavio di Giacomo, spokesperson for the International Organization for Migration (IOM) writes about It shows that not enough is being done to save lives at sea.” The news was confirmed to AFP by the IOM office in Libya.

“They are presumed to have died due to the strong waves” that submerged their boat “which left Zuara, in the north-west of Libya, with 86 migrants on board”, according to the same source. Most are citizens of Nigeria, Gambia and other African countries, and among the victims “there are children and women”. A total of 25 people were rescued and transferred to a Libyan detention center in Tariq Al Sekka, near Tripoli. “An IOM team was able to provide medical support and they are all in good health,” according to the same source.

In the Sicilian channel the sea is stormy and the winds are expected to increase at least until midnight tomorrow. Reason why the Ocean Viking, the ship of the NGO SOS Méditerranée, finds itself in the harbor in front of Sciacca.

It is monitored by the Coast Guard which is available for any possible needs of the 26 migrants brought on board after a rescue and of the crew. The ship was originally assigned the disembarkation port of Livorno, but then due to weather conditions, it was allowed to take shelter off the coast of Sciacca. «It’s 620 nautical miles, a thousand kilometres, and eight days of round trip navigation are needed – she wrote on X, immediately after the assignment of the port – Days during which we won’t be able to patrol».