Milazzo, area “B” of the municipal cemetery is once again usable and safe


By John

Area “B” of the municipal cemetery is once again usable and safe, having been closed for almost two years following the sudden collapse of the retaining wall above. The relatives of the deceased in that area can therefore return to the graves to bring flowers to their loved ones.

The company “Peloritana Appalti” has rebuilt the parts that suddenly collapsed in 2021 and is proceeding with completing the final works. An almost one million euro intervention financed by the Region – Department of Infrastructure – with development and cohesion funds. “We have reached the finish line after starting practically from scratch – stated the councilor for public works Santi Romagnolo -. In this wing of the cemetery there were significant structural deficiencies and only good luck meant that there were no victims in the subsidence and collapse of area B. We had to rebuild everything respecting the existing tombs and avoiding causing further damage. Long times but necessary to do everything that was missing and had never been done.”