Hot market in Reggina: here are three more additions. Barillà and Cosenza are also one step away


By John

On the one hand, a team that, piece by piece, is starting to take shape and gives the idea of ​​being able to be an important collective when it is completed. On the other hand, time passes quickly and inexorably brings the moment of debut closer: unless further notice, away to San Luca on Sunday.
Bruno Trocini’s team will try to be ready, even if it will be difficult to do so. No pre-season training camp, no friendly matches and the strange situation of those who will have to go on the pitch with only a week of training and with a situation that is truly a work in progress.
There are three arrivals announced yesterday. One is Stefano Parodi. Born in the capital in 2001, he grew up in Rome. He plays as a right back, in the last two seasons he has been between Pontedera, Fermana and Vis Pesaro. He didn’t have much space, he will try to have it by moving down a category.
The amaranth company continues to move also on the under front. Yesterday an arrival was made official for which only the announcement had been missing for several days. The reference is Ivan Altamurawinger from Bari born in 2004. He arrives on loan from Benevento, where he was part of the team that played in the Primavera 2 championship last season.
We can now also start thinking about the positions that will be occupied by the four under players who will always have to be on the field. Altamura is an outside striker, as it is Try it. This could pave the way for an alternation between the two, even though the player from Reggio is born in 2003. Trocini, like the other Serie B coaches, will have to take care to always keep at least one born in 2005, two from 2004 and one from 2003 on the pitch. Obviously nothing it prohibits younger profiles from being lined up for each indicated box or having more unders on the field than the minimum indicated by the rules.
And, still speaking of unders, yesterday came the announcement of another young player from 2005. The new Reggina has announced the agreement with Quarto Afrograd for the full-back Eliman, born in 2005. Cham. In the last two seasons he has played with the Cremonese Under 19. It is no coincidence that, while waiting to see them on the pitch, he has more or less the same role as his peer made official yesterday, namely Matteo Martiner from Pro Vercelli, considering that a 2005 will always have to be on the playing field.

Other unders are expected in midfield: those from are always likely to arrive Bontempi (2003) coming from Sampdoria e Ponzo (2004), an Argentinian who played for Barletta in the last season. The company is ready to sign Emanuele too Zucco, an attacking midfielder born in 2004 and who went through the whole process in Reggina’s youth team. It will be up to Trocini to combine the formations to exploit the squad and respect the rule on young players.
The company is also active on experience profiles: everything seems to be done for Nino’s amaranth landing Barilla and Ciccio is also getting closer Cosenza. And, speaking of players closely linked to Reggina, the discussion regarding the hiring of Ciccio is close to being concluded Salandria.
The team is expected to move on other pieces in the next few days: an important goalkeeper and at least a striker. For the first question, he puts forward the hypothesis that, unlike the choice of many teams in D, we can focus on an over-the-top full-back.