Mimmo Lucano’s European Dream from Calabria to Strasbourg: “I Want to Bring the Rights of the Last”


By John

«My dream is to bring the rights of the last in Europe. And to obtain, in line with the commitment that I have always assumed as a true philosophy of life, a turning point in the attention of the European Parliament towards migrants”. Thus Mimmo LucanoMEP of the Green and Left Alliance and mayor of Riace, Catanzaro.
Lucano, in the capital of Calabria, visited our «Nega», by Nino Bartuccio, created as part of the exhibition «The great exhibitions of photography of the human», organized by «Cine Sud» of Francesco Mazza, with the patronage of the municipal administration. The MEP then participated in a meeting with Mazza himself and the president of the municipal council of Catanzaro, Gianmichele Bosco, who invited him. “In my commitment as a European parliamentarian – Lucano added – there will be no differences compared to the political path I have followed up to now. Even in Strasbourg I will continue to be myself. And if I were to fail in this aim, I would not hesitate for a moment to take a step back. On the other hand, returning to the leadership of the Municipality of Riace has been a great gratification for me. It is important that the ‘message’ sent from Riace in favor of policies of welcome and solidarity towards the weakest has had a worldwide resonance. A message that is in antithesis with the policies of the Italian right and the planned deportations to Albania. My commitment is also to create a barrier to the drift of Europe, which demonstrates that it does not respect human rights”.