Motion of the Regional Council of Calabria: the age of consent is 16 years


By John

The appeal for raise the age of consent in national law. In Italy it has been set at 14 years, one of the lowest limits in the Western world. Hence the motion, whose spokesperson was the regional councilor of FdI Giuseppe Neri, approved unanimously by the Regional Council in the session of 25 July to push the national government and European states towards universal legislation more compatible with the principles of the International Convention on the Rights of the Child. By age of consent we mean, in legal language, the age from which a person can be considered capable of giving consent to sexual intercourse.

“We must ensure that teenagers are teenagers and are not forced to grow up before their age” – stated the president of the Regional Council Filippo Mancuso who would have liked to be more direct already in the title of the motion, with the clarification of sexual consent. «For the first time – he added – we are able to bring to national attention initiatives that give us the strength to be able to say that Calabria exists, a region that manages to raise attention to national issues».

The Guarantor for children and adolescents of the Calabria Region, Antonio Marziale, he committed to bringing the motion to the National Conference of Regional Guarantors, «and President Mancuso will have to do the same with the State-Regions Conference. We will send it to every place where there is a parliament. We want to give two precious years to childhood.” The proposing councilor Giuseppe Neri participated in the press conference Stefania Valente who focused on the legal aspects of the proposal. «Ours is a political point – stated Neri – To make it clear that the task that the State has, that the institutions have, is not so much that of guaranteeing the freedom of self-determination of minors, which is already guaranteed by a whole series of regulations, but guarantee them a healthy and correct ethical development, especially in reference to sexual problems”.