Municipal lido of Reggio, from the council the act of direction on the assignment of management of the bathing services of the “Genoese Zerbi” municipal lido


By John

From the municipal council of Reggio Calabria comes the document with instructions for the Culture and Tourism sector on the assignment and management of bathing services at the “Genoese Zerbi” municipal lido. The act clarifies that the municipal administration, pending the completion of the overall redevelopment works of the lido and the multi-year concession of the entire establishment, intends to entrust the management service of the bathing services to third parties for the 2024 season, limited to 92 cabins. In the notice the activities will include: the cabin assignment service; the rescue, assistance and control service for swimmers; the entrance control and user assistance service; the first aid medical or nursing service; the cleaning, caretaking and supervision service of the assigned part of the seaside facility.

The same management service of the bathing establishment can be financed thanks to the revenue deriving from: the daily entrance ticket to the structure and the management of the 92 cabins; from the management of one/two approved kiosks, to be installed on the beach (dimensions three meters by three metres) for the administration of food and drinks; from the possibility of renting umbrellas, deckchairs, canoes and pedal boats to the users of the lido; from the activation of any additional services for users (e.g. fitness courses on the beach, entertainment for children, etc.).

«Finally, after years of waiting and attempts that remained only on paper, thanks to the synergies implemented above all with the Superintendency of Archaeology, Fine Arts and Landscape, we have a unique redevelopment project». The Councilor says so Carmelo Romeo, with specific delegation to the municipal Lido.

«At the end of June, our first lot will be completed, for one and a half million euros, financed by the Pacts for the South. At the same time – continued the Councilor – the Superintendence is sending out another lot worth two and a half million to tender; In the end we will have the three million euros of the Cannizzaro amendment, of the Ministry of Culture, a tender will be launched later for the redevelopment of the other cabins. In this first part of the work, as Administration with the mayor Giuseppe Falcomatàwe committed ourselves and did everything possible, for this I thank the public works sector, the councilor, the manager, the rup and the works management who supported our action: we carried out weekly inspections to be able to be punctual and respect the completion dates of the works”.

«Our intent – ​​Romeo explained – was to make at least part of the beach usable for this summer and we are on the home stretch. Even today we carried out a new inspection with the Mayor and the Councilor for Public Works Franco Constantine. Work is underway on the first lot which, in addition to the redevelopment of the external areas and bathrooms, includes the redevelopment of 92 cabins. Furthermore, railings, doors and sidewalks were redone. A panel with prints of the final project will then be placed on all the areas that are not currently the subject of redevelopment”.

«The start of the preparatory activities to be able to manage part of the lido from this summer even though all the works have not yet been completed is part of this context. For this I thank the manager of the sector Loredana Pace, the general secretary and the general director. We brought the resolution to the council for the notice relating to the management of the municipal lido for this year. We won’t ask for a fee from whoever takes it over, we’ll just give a general indication of the prices to the public and, thanks to the proceeds that the individual will make, he will be able to cover the costs he will have to keep the structure up and running.”

Finally, the Councilor gives further previews on the future of the Lido: «Last week, at Palazzo San Giorgio, there was a meeting with a company that wants to present a project financing project for the structure».