Municipal Lido of Reggio, the unique project towards the conference of services


By John

A shared project to return one of the places of the heart to the people of Reggio. “With the season of vetoes” and appeals over, the Municipality and the Superintendence managed to find a unified synthesis with respect to the design choices. Several meetings have taken place in recent weeks which have led to the “fusion” into a single vision. Will the Lido Comunale, which represents much more than a historic bathing establishment for the city, return to its former glory? Palazzo San Giorgio and the councilor’s enthusiasm believe in it Carmelo Romeo is palpable in announcing «this project will go to the services conference by the end of the month».

«Of course there are various works already underway but this new phase will allow us to move more quickly into the future. The unitary project that will be evaluated will not need new authorizations, the opinions will all already be acquired” underlines the member of the Falcomatà executive. An ambitious and long-awaited path. In fact, for years the redevelopment of the Lido has been at the center of discussions and controversies which have often also seen discordant views. And so the times have risen, years of protests with respect to the very vision of the intervention. Conservative restoration or more incisive redevelopment.