Municipalities in Vibo, Cosentino launches the challenge: “Let's go further together”


By John

The electoral campaign for the administrative elections of Vibo Valentia comes to life. After being a guest on Radio Onda Verde, for the first comparison between candidates for mayor together with Franco Muzzopappa and Enzo Romeo, the centre-right candidate Roberto Cosentino has inaugurated his electoral campaign in the political secretariat of Corso Vittorio Emanuele III. Cosentino, director of the Calabria Region, is in his first political experience and is supported, among others, by Forza Italia, Fratelli d'Italia, Indipendenza, and by the citizen coordination of Action. Its slogan is “Let's go further” and he declined it during the meeting with candidates and supporters. “The program is not a shopping list – she immediately reiterated – and the aspect that must characterize us most is that of giving a new face to this city, making it more alive and supportive”.

Cosentino then also focused on aspects related to governance, imagining the establishment of new departments: Institutional Relations, Implementation of the 2030 Program and Agenda, Productive Activities, Training and Work, Culture, Tourism and Sport, Development and Enhancement of the coastal area, Education, Youth Policies and Innovation, Social Inclusion and Community Welfare, Environmental Protection and Natural Resources, Public Works, Urban Planning and Transport, Budget, General Affairs and Human Resources.

On the electoral campaign and on the fact of often being labeled as a new figure, but always supported by the political forces that have governed the city in recent years, he said: “I like the discussion that is also developing with the other candidates. In the era of direct election, no outgoing mayor has been re-nominated to lead the city. This is to dispel the attention given to the centre-right and centre-left categories”. On the allies and the choices made by movements and parties which until before his nomination as mayoral candidate were with the Center and which in this last legislature were in opposition to the centre-right, he underlined: “I stopped thinking about choices related to flags. We choose and we choose each other for the projects and the proposals”.