Winds of crisis between Kate Middleton and Prince William? The clue that alarms subjects and fans


By John

Is there an air of crisis between Prince William and Kate Middleton? The doubt arises from the fact that the heir to the throne of Great Britain will go alone to the third edition of the Earthshot Awards. Kate’s absence raised alarm among subjects and admirers of the royal couple also because in previous editions the two had paraded together on the red carpet.

Kate Middleton has surprisingly announced that this time she will not be present at the Earthshot Awards, the prestigious environmental event scheduled in Singapore in November. It is the first time that the princess has backed out of an official date, and many are wondering what the reasons are that led to this decision.

But it is not the first time that rumors of this type have arisen: there are in fact gossip about alleged betrayals carried out by Prince William who would seem to have more than one particular interest in Lady Rose Hanbury. Now it’s a question of understanding whether Kate’s absence at the event in Singapore is the precursor to a crisis, or a simple choice made by the wife of the heir to the throne.