Municipality of Lamezia, Mascaro receives the “yes” to the Structural Plan


By John

The city of Lamezia has the new municipal structural plan. The urban planning instrument that seemed like a chimera is finally a reality for the community of the Piana that has been waiting for it for years.
During yesterday’s council work the city assembly dismissed the PSC with twelve votes in favor of the programming tool. The majority councilors Pino Zaffina, Davide Matroianni, Danilo Gatto, Giovanni Pulice, Anna Caruso, Tranquillo Paradiso, Maria Grandinetti, Enrico Costantino, Antonietta D’Amico voted “yes”. The councilors who until a few days ago were on a collision course with the mayor and council, namely Annalisa Spinelli and Alessandro Saullo, were also in favour.
Councilor Giovanni Saladini (We moderates), also a “dissident” of the majority, was present for a good part of the proceedings but then left before the vote. Also leaving the opposition seats before the vote were councilors Rosy Rubino and Mimmo Gianturco of the Lamezia movement first of all; minority councilor Ruggero Pegna of the UDC voted “yes”. Opposition members are against it Rosario Piccioni (Lamezia common good) and Matteo Folino (Forza Italia). Lucia Cittadino (Nuova Era), Antonio Lorena and Pietro Gallo (Fratelli d’Italia), Antonio Mastroianni (Forza Italia) abstained. Abstention vote also for the new entry Dario Arcieri (Action). Having taken over from Aquila Villella of the Democratic Party, Arcieri declared that he wanted to join the mixed group.

Eugenio Guarascio of Nuova Era also left the room before the vote. After the approval of the DUP and the budget forecast, the Mascaro administration has therefore achieved another victory. The mayor defined the “yes” to the municipal structural plan as “a historic day” for the entire community of Lamezia.
Yesterday, attending the debate for the final approval of the PSC was also the urban planner Giovanni Crocioni who received the task of drawing up the PSC from the mayor Gianni Speranza during his second mandate.