Cosenza, an eye-opening start


By John

The positive start has brought enthusiasm around Fabio Caserta’s Cosenza. The Sila have scored 14 points in nine games. To find a better start, in Serie B, we need to go back to the 2000-2001 championship when after nine days Bortolo Mutti’s team scored 19 points, five lengths more than the current course. The season at the dawn of the new Millennium is remembered with great affection by the rossoblù supporters, who have long nurtured the dream of promotion to Serie A. Today’s reality instead speaks of fifth place in a still very provisional ranking, considering the number of teams that will still have to make up for the games missed in August due to the queue from the Council of State. The growth expressed in the last period, however, gives rise to hope and has allowed us to create a climate of trust and enthusiasm around the Sila group. Something that hasn’t been seen for a long time.
Parking chaos. For this reason, the “Cosenza nel cuore” association has recently become the spokesperson for a message to urge the institutions to work towards a “unity of purpose”. The crux of the matter refers to the parking problem, a problem that has erupted in such a way particular recently: «We fans, every time we go to the “Marulla” we start a sort of hunt for a parking space, certainly not wild, but without having any provision of designated spaces. This happens because, for the principle of public order, all parking areas, proper and “improper” but permitted, were prohibited. In the past, parking was done around the stadium and along the entire stretch of Viale Magna Grecia. Now the situation has become unsustainable. We allow ourselves to judge the attitude of the municipality of Castrolibero, neighboring the stadium, as a bit senseless, aiming to strictly enforce the highway code, effectively fining Cosenza fans, who are not guaranteed any parking in the entire area. Cosenza belongs to everyone, it represents the professional football of an entire province. We therefore invite the municipalities of Cosenza and Castrolibero to dialogue with public security agents, to find solutions that facilitate the flow of thousands of fans.”
Recovery. This afternoon, in the meantime, D’Orazio and his associates resume training. At the restart the conditions of Baldovino Cimino will be evaluated. Caserta will be able to count on two “new signings” when the championship resumes: Martino and Zuccon. Defender Alessandro Fontanarosa has been called up by coach Bollini’s Italy Under 20 team for the Elite tournament match against Poland scheduled for Friday at 6pm in Catanzaro.