Municipality of Paola, three councilors removed in six months but Politano avoids the crisis


By John

Three councilors are gone but the political crisis is barely touching the Municipality for now. However, the numbers should be there in the council despite the fact that the mayor has lost within six months, a city councilor who has gone to the minority and the councilors Francesca Sbano, Barbara Sciammarella And Stefania Mirafiori. The mayor was able to bring on board two city councilors from his own political group immediately after the rift with the Democratic Party. (Marco Minervino And Maria Rosaria City). Stefania Mirafiori’s recent exit from the scene seems to be painless. In fact, Mirafiori, despite his early farewell to the Executive, did not trigger any controversy. The resignation officially dictated by professional reasons dates back to problems that arose last February.