Municipality of Reggio, the motion of no confidence makes… 13


By John

The centre-right city councilors met, spoke to each other, got together, shook hands and then “proudly and jointly” signed the motion of no confidence in the mayor Giuseppe Falcomatà.
The 13 signatures have therefore arrived in support of the motion of no confidence which materialized and was deposited yesterday afternoon. From words to deeds. The center-right of Reggio, for once, has demonstrated that cohesion – so dear to the Hon. Francesco Cannizzaro – and that determination, which were necessary to force the Falcomatà Administration and the centre-left municipal councilors to face their responsibilities.
The centre-right coalition, after the meetings and meetings of recent days, has developed a joint motion of no confidence, which unites the councilors of the three parties (Forza Italia, Fratelli d’Italia and Lega) with the councilors Saverio Anghelone, Massimo Ripepi, Guido Rulli And Angela Marcianò. A total of 13 signatures, those necessary to be able to present the motion of no confidence. The only opposition councilor who did not sign it is Saverio Pazzano (La Strada), who has always been an “anomalous” opponent, distinct and very distant from the center-right and increasingly suspended between “I would like but I can’t” towards Mayor Falcomatà.