Municipality of Reggio, the motion of no confidence under consideration by the councillors


By John

Tomorrow morning the motion of no confidence presented by the centre-right will be discussed in the Pietro Battaglia Chamber by the city council. We will start from the 13 signatures at the bottom of the motion and which should be transformed into roll-call votes and then from there the climb will begin to try to reach 17, the magic number needed to make the motion of no confidence effective and therefore “fire” the Administration led by the mayor Giuseppe Falcomatà before the end of the second term.
An undertaking as difficult as climbing Everest without oxygen, which the centre-right is preparing and which could really turn into a dramatic turn of events if the motion of no confidence materializes in the Chamber, because after the many “stomach aches” and the various “threats” of leaving the majority of many center-left councilors at the time of the tight negotiations for the constitution of the new municipal council, today it seems the sun has returned to shine on Palazzo San Giorgio and the forecasts tend towards continuous improvement.