Murder of the doctor in S. Cristina d’Aspromonte, the prosecutor: the mafia lead has currently been ruled out


By John

“The investigations carried out so far seem to exclude a mafia motive.” This is what the Public Prosecutor of Palmi declared Emanuele Crescentiin relation to the murder of Francesca Romeoa sixty-seven-year-old doctor, shot dead last Saturday, at the end of the night medical emergency service in the municipality of Santa Cristina d’Aspromonte.
Francesca Romeo, at the time of the ambush, which occurred on a narrow bend near the cemetery, was in the car with her husband Antonio Naples, 66 years old, also a doctor. The two were preparing to return to their home in Sant’Anna di Seminara, an agricultural center in the Gioia Tauro plain. The investigators do not seem to have any doubts about the weapons used by the murderers: Francesca Romeo was hit by shots from a hunting rifle that left her with no escape, which also wounded her spouse in the arm. Today, the State Police and the Prosecutor Crescenti once again interrogated Antonio Napoli, the only witness at the time of the ambush, with the aim of investigating the dynamics of the serious bloody incident which aroused great emotion in Calabria and the Piana. of Gioia Tauro.