National Council of the Federation of Catholic Weeklies: two Calabrians elected


By John

There are two Calabrian councilors elected in National Council of the Federation of Catholic Weeklies (FISC), belonging to the Calabrian delegation chaired by Don Enzo Gabrielidirector of the weekly “Parola di Vita” of the Archdiocese of Cosenza-Bisignano.
They are Don Davide Imeneo, director of the Reggio newspaper “L’Avvenire di Calabria” and outgoing national councilor (fourth in terms of consensus received at a national level) and Saveria Maria Gigliotti, director of “Lamezia Nuova” of the Diocese of Lamezia Terme (ranked fifth at national level) who will represent the Calabria-Basilicata delegation together with the delegate Don Enzo Gabrieli, director of Parola di Vita.
Among other things, there is also another Calabrian in the Council. This is Raffaele Iaria, delegate for foreign newspapers.
The election came at the end of the XX ordinary elective National Assembly held in Rome dedicated to the theme “The Fisc: a voice at the service of the country. Information, culture and synodality”. Monsignor Giuseppe Baturi, archbishop of Cagliari and general secretary of the Italian Episcopal Conference, spoke to open the proceedings. During his speech he underlined that “it is urgent to renew that pact with the territory which gives reason to your presence. If a diocesan weekly loses the relationship with the context of reference, it completely loses its essence. Radicality, in the full sense of the term, that is, going to the roots, lies precisely in the visceral relationship with the local Churches, with the countries, with the people. Without this precious compass one loses orientation. Let’s write a new pact that puts at the center the defense of women against all forms of violence, giving voice to the voiceless, narrating the creativity of charity and the stories that testify to its irreducible strength, language as a form of encounter, the spiritual wealth which is always a gain, and much more… A new pact that does not do without the digital transition and which, for this reason, encourages generational dialogue. Certainly Fisc newspapers have a widespread circulation in paper form and digital may still seem like a challenge today. But precisely for this reason it is a great opportunity: the exchange between generations can favor transmission through different channels. Don’t be afraid of this!”.
The regional delegate, Don Enzo Gabrieli, highlighted that “the diocesan weekly is not just a communication tool or a paper newspaper but must increasingly be characterized as a pastoral project, an ecclesial context in which to announce Christ in a vision that highlights synergizes all areas of communication”. For Don Enzo, in fact, we move “from a paper newspaper to a pastoral project that we call a diocesan weekly and which synergistically brings together the website, radio, television, paper, social media and all forms of communication to ensure that they can carry out a pastoral action and act as a golden thread between all areas of pastoral care to communicate that sense of an outgoing Church that knows how to read the history of man and knows how to say a word in the light of the journey of faith and listening to the Word of God. Working in this way both in the Dioceses and in regional delegations is a true synodal path”.