Press review 25-11-2023 Messina edition


By John

In this video some of the main titles of our newspaper, Messina-Sicily edition, edited by Tiziana Caruso. Below are the others that you can read in the newspaper on newsstands today

  • Messina, Port System Authority: Ranieri at work. Mega, goodbye to poison
  • RFI ships in the Strait of Messina, delayed controversy. Barbagallo’s attack: senseless renunciation
  • Take the entire D’Amico commentary at 11 (Page 22)
  • Messina, election of the new rector: the last head-to-head for the ermine
  • Messina, farewell to the prof. Giuseppe Oreto: authentic luminary of cardiology and refined poet
  • Acquedolci, tied up a woman and raped her: 34-year-old sentenced to eight years
  • “Molior” by Nino Ucchino leaves Capo Taormina, a work for the G7 that was never paid for