NATO-Russia tension, missile violates Polish skies. Moscow intercepts two US bombers. Harsh Russian attack on Ukraine


By John

A handful of seconds was enough to bring it back to maximum danger of trespassing of the war in the territory Born. In the long night of Russian bombings about Ukraine – including Kiev and the western city of Lviv – one of the cruise missiles of Moscow briefly violated the skies of Polanddenounced the army of Warsaw.

“The object entered the Polish airspace near the city of Oserdow and remained there for 39 seconds”, reported the armed forces who, in response, took off the hunting to defend the territory.

It's yet another episode for the Poland who is closely experiencing the invasion which has known no respite for 760 days: a similar incident occurred last December 29th, when a Russian missile it penetrated Polish airspace for several minutes before returning to Ukraine. But the most dramatic incident occurred in November 2022, when two people were killed by air defense missile of Kiev fell on the Polish village of Przewodownear the border.

Before the missile was identified as Ukrainian, there were fears that the Born could be dragged into aescalation of the conflict with the Russia. The Polish Foreign Ministry has announced that it will ask for explanations from Fly for “this new violation of its airspace”, which demonstrates how the contrasts between Russia And West they are also consumed on the ground, as well as in diplomatic offices.

Among the episodes, there are frequent skirmishes in the skies to the borders of the war, and in the last few hours the Moscow authorities reported that they had taken off a hunting to “intercept” two US bombers which they said were approaching the Russian borders. Inevitable consequences of a war that continues while tensions between Russia And Ukraine are becoming increasingly heated in the aftermath of the massacre in Moscow in which the Russian president Vladimir Putin evoked Kiev's involvement – promptly denied by the Ukrainian authorities – despite the multiple claims ofIsis.

So, it was another night of raid across Ukraine, «The third massive missile attack in the last four days» launched with 14 strategic bombers Tu-95MS. A volley of 29 missiles and 28 drones it was launched on eight regions, including the capital and surrounding areas where 10 rockets were shot down.

According to the Ministry of Defense, they were hit «electrical infrastructureof thegas industry and factories where marine drones are assembled”, while the Ukrainian president Zelensky denounced the «terror» Russian who brought “ruins instead of cities and villages” to Ukraine. And he returned to ask the West «air defense, long range weapons, artillery, sanctions, confiscation of Russian assetssupport for our country.”

While waiting for concrete decisions on the support of allies, Kiev continues its attacks across the border and in Crimeawhere it claimed to have hit two large Russian amphibious ships – the Yamal and theAzov – to Sevastopolas well as the communications center and some infrastructure sites of Moscow's fleet, just a few days after Moscow's decision to replace the head of the Navy precisely in the face of Ukrainian achievements in the Black Sea War.

The port city's pro-Russian governor, Mikhail Razvozhayev, said “it was the most massive attack in recent times”, in which one person was killed and four were injured, without mentioning damage to Russian vessels. According to the pro-Kiev Russian paramilitaries of the Freedom Legion of Russia and the Russian Volunteer Corps, “34 soldiers were killed in the raid, including 11 officers, 40 were injured and three planes were damaged”.