The Mayor of Catanzaro writes to Floridia for a Rai branch office in the capital


By John

The mayor of Catanzaro Nicola Fiorita returns to ask for the establishment of a separate RAI editorial team in the regional capital and does so by submitting the proposal to the president of the RAI parliamentary supervisory commission Barbara Floridia by sending you a formal letter after a telephone discussion, also expressing your willingness to be heard by the Commission.

«Calabria – he writes – presents a glaring anomaly since the Rai headquarters does not coincide, as in all the other regions with the exception of Abruzzo, with the capital. There is no intention on my part to start bell tower wars that do not belong to my culture, but I must express to you my firm will to pursue the objective of an institutional, stable and dignified presence of Rai in Catanzaro. So far, coverage of events in the city and the central area of ​​Calabria has only been partially ensured expensive and very inconvenient transfers of journalists and crew from Cosenza». «I don't want to reopen the controversies that followed the incidents after the Cosenza-Catanzaro match – he continues – but I must tell you that this affair has accentuated among our citizens the perception of partiality, perhaps unwanted or scientifically studied, in the media approach to the city. So much so that the city council also wanted to express its opinion. I ask that a solution be evaluated that would make it possible to recover the media gap with a double result: the City and the central area would have greater coverage of the events that take place there (think of the headquarters of the regional Government, the Court of Appeal, to the numerous regional offices, the University, the Politeama Theater, etc.); the Company would regain the trust of the viewers of the capital and erase the shadows of partiality that periodically emerge”.

Fiorita says he is not asking for a double headquarters but for a separate editorial team with at least 3 journalists, a crew, technicians and equipment. For the company, he explains, there would be no additional costs because the Administration has identified 2 solutions for granting adequate spaces on loan for free use equipped with exclusive parking and video surveillance. The administration is also available to pay utilities. «All that remains – writes Fiorita – is the issue of political will. A company provision and a service order from the chief editor are enough to quickly launch the detached editorial team in Catanzaro, “as he says, already exists in Abruzzo and Trentino. For these reasons – concludes the mayor – since the issue is directly linked to the pluralism that must be ensured by the public service, I raise your attention and that of the Commission on the topic and I express my willingness to be listened to”.