Naxoslegge, between archeology and architecture: closing with the homage to Calvino and “invisible cities”


By John

City and memory, city and future. Between archeology And architectureconcludes with a tribute to Italo Calvino – on the centenary of his birth (1923 – 1985) – the XIII edition of NaxosLawfestival of narratives, reading and books directed by Fulvia Toscano.

There are two meetings: the first, themed archaeologicaltakes place at Mafrathe Archaeological Museum of Francavilla di Sicilia, Saturday 30 September at 6pm, and is dedicated to the history of one of the most complex and fascinating archaeological sites in Sicily, Monte San Mauro of Caltagironeinvestigated by Paolo Orsiand now made more “visible” thanks to the in-depth studies of the archaeologist Massimo Frasca which, in addition to re-examining the existing documentation, integrated the research with hitherto unpublished materials. The studies are collected in the volume “Monte San Mauro di Caltagirone and the Chalcidian Euboia” (Gangemi Editore international) which will be presented with the interventions of the author, of Gabriella Tigano (director of the Naxos Taormina archaeological park) and archaeologists Massimo Cultraro And Grace Solomon. The second appointment will take place at Naxos Parkwhere on Sunday 1 October, at 5pm, Naxoslegge will award an award toOrder of Architects of Messina on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of its establishment. In closing the students of Caminiti Trimarchi High School of Giardini Naxos they will give back the experience of the theater laboratory Gulag archipelagos dedicated to Solzhenitsyn and edited by Dario Tomasello.

Rich day of meetings and contributions yesterday, September 27th, in Giardini Naxos where in the morning Oronzo Cillihe said JR Tolkien and the value of his literary work – also translated into extraordinary films such as “The Hobbit” – to the students of the Caminiti High School with the remote interventions of Angelo Cappello And Luciano Lanna (Cepell). In the afternoon, a detailed seminar on literary tourism on the occasion of the “World Tourism Day” with the interventions of university professors Giovanni Capecchi (TULE Center – Literary Tourism of Perugia), e Philip Grasso (UniME) for the Strait Writers project; the Palermo publishers of The Palindrome; the mayor of Comiso, Maria Rita Schembariwith the Gesualdo Bufalino Park and Adolfo Morganti with the one dedicated to the orientalist Giuseppe Tucci in Marche; Roberto Bruccoleri he recounted the experience of the writers’ road between Agrigento and Caltanissetta (in the footsteps of Pirandello, Sciascia, Camilleri and others). Finally from the province of Brescia, Daniela Mena illustrated “Literary Map“, an online platform ( that focuses on the contribution of readers, booksellers, publishers, librarians to populate the map of favorite titles and books, geolocating them – depending on the origin of the author or the setting of the novel – in cities and villages throughout Italy. A project by the L’Impronta association – which curates the Microeditoria festival in Chiari (BS) – together with the Center for Books and Reading (Cepell) of the Ministry of Culture. To moderate the meeting Fulvia Toscano which plans an experiential tourism itinerary for Naxos that embraces the history of the Ionian town from Greek colonization to the epic of the Grand Tour.

Friday 29th (Lido di Naxos, 5pm) the protagonist will be Elsa Morantewith the book “Elsa, the story begins here” (Navarra Editore) which investigates the Sicilian roots of the writer, the first woman to win the Witch Award in 1957 with “Arturo’s Island” but also the author of numerous novels, including “Menzogna e sortilegio”, the first, which will be addressed by Margherita Cacioppo, Marinella Fiume And Margherita Rimi moderated by Dora Marchese. In the morning, at the Caminiti high school (11 am) screening of the film on Don Pino Puglisi and meeting with the director Lorenzo Daniele. Followed by the award “Legality and/is Beauty” assigned to Our Father Center in Brancaccio it’s at Sabrina Bellinowith a courageous testimony of extortion reporting.

Saturday 30 September we return to Mume of Messina, h. 5.30pm, with “Testori privateer“, Of Alessandro Gnocchi (The ship of Theseus) to talk about an intellectual (1923-1993) who today we would define as “multitasking”. Writer, painter, poet and playwright, Testori is investigated by Gnocchi – culture editor of “Il Giornale” – as a columnist and free voice of Italian journalism between the Seventies and Eighties. Finally, for the little ones, Naxoslegge offers two workshops: the first, with the actress Maria Pia Rizzois dedicated to “The little Prince” Of A. De Saint – Exupery (Wednesday 27 September); the second is a creative reading workshop with the writer Davide Brullo, author of the story “Alexander the Great’s wolf” (Sunday 1 October). More information at