‘Ndrangheta, assets worth 3 million confiscated from a Calabrian entrepreneur


By John

The financiers of the Special Currency Police Unit of Reggio Calabria have carried out a provision issued by the Prevention Measures section of the Court of the Calabrian city with which the confiscation of the assets attributable to a Calabrian entrepreneur, estimated at over 3 million euros, was ordered. The provision follows the seizure order issued last January by the same Section at the request of the Public Prosecutor’s Office of Reggio Calabria, based on the results of the investigative activities carried out by the Financial Police. The investigations conducted by the investigators, starting from the analysis of the financial relationships maintained by various corporate groups with a credit institution operating in the Calabrian area, have highlighted how the entrepreneur, active in the road haulage sector and recipient of a precautionary custody order in prison because he was believed to belong to a ‘ndrangheta gang, starting from the 1990s he allegedly engaged in illicit conduct which allowed him to accumulate assets clearly disproportionate to his declared income.
To confirm the investigative evidence collected, the Court ordered, in application of the anti-mafia code, the confiscation of various company assets, company shares, land, buildings and numerous financial relationships and instruments.