‘Ndrangheta, Scott rebirth. Rain of convictions and three acquittals in the section of the murders THE NAMES


By John

Three sentences of life imprisonment, two of 30 years imprisonment, two of 20 years, one of 14 years and three acquittals. This is the sentence issued by the Court of Assizes of Catanzaro in the trial «Scott rebirth» relating to the series of murders that occurred as part of the clash between the ‘Ndrangheta gangs in the Vibo area. The judging panel, chaired by Massimo Forciniti, sentenced the boss of San Gregorio D’Ippona to life imprisonment with daytime isolation, as requested by the DDA of Catanzaro Saverio Rationalthe boss of Zungri Antonio Giuseppe Accorinti and the boss of Vibo Domenico Bonavota. Antonio Vacatello and Antonio Ierullo sentenced to 30 years. Twenty years were given to Pantaleone Garisto and Valerio Navarra and 14 years to the justice collaborator Andrea Mantella. Paolino Lo Bianco and Filippo Catania were acquitted, as also requested by the prosecution. Also acquitted was Vincenzo Barba, who had been sentenced to life imprisonment. According to the prosecution, Saverio Razionale and Giuseppe Antonio Accorinti are responsible for the double murder of Roberto Soriano and Antonio Lo Giudice which occurred on 5 August 1996. Barba, Catania, Lo Bianco and Mantella (now a justice collaborator) are involved in the death case of Filippo Gancitano, who passed away in January 2002, for which only Mantella was convicted. Ierullo and Bonavota were convicted of the double murder of Alfredo Cracolici known as «Alfredo Palermo» (head of the Maierato gang of the same name) and Giovanni Furlano, killed on 9 February 2002. The two fell under the volleys of a Kalashnikov and a 12 gauge rifle, in front of the home of Cracolici’s girlfriend. Antonio Vacatello is accused of attempted extortion against a man born in Vibo but resident in Imbersago.

The victim – from whom Vacatello demanded the restitution of the sum of 6 thousand euros – was also the subject of kidnapping by Maurizio Pantaleo Garisto, Valerio Navarra, Antonio Vacatello. The man was picked up in Cernusco sul Naviglio and taken to a house in Seregno where, immobilized to a chair, he was beaten several times. Finally he was forced to return to Calabria with his kidnappers who took him to his parents’ house, harassing him for his parents to repay the sum. The attempt failed because the victim did not have all the money.

The names

Saverio Razionale, life sentence

Giuseppe Antonio Accorinti, life sentence

Vincenzo Barba, acquitted

Antonio Ierullo, 30 years old

Domenico Bonavota, life sentence

Antonio Vacatello, 30 years old

Maurizio Pantaleo Garisto, 20 years old

Valerio Navarra, 20 years old

Andrea Mantella, 14 years old

Filippo Catania, acquitted

Paolino Lo Bianco, acquitted