‘Ndrangheta, the Supreme Court releases Giuseppe Armando Bonavita, alleged head of the Briatico clique of the same name


By John

The Court of Cassation annulled without postponement the order with which the Court of Review of Catanzaro had confirmed the precautionary detention in prison against Giuseppe Armando Bonavita accused of being the chief promoter of the criminal gang of the same name believed to operate in Briatico and of other specific crimes. Bonavita is defended by the lawyer Giovanni Vecchio of the Vibo Valentia Bar.

Already last December, the Court of Cassation had annulled a previous order of the Review Court of Catanzaro, which had confirmed the custodial order issued by the GIP of the same capital.

In the subsequent referral proceedings, however, the territorial judges had only partially accepted the defense appeal, annulling the custodial order for two criminal cases and confirming it in the rest.

Hence a new appeal to the Supreme Court (lawyers Giovanni Vecchio and Bruno Vallelunga) focused on the circumstance that the Court of Appeal, in the referral proceeding, had not conformed to the questions of law decided by the Supreme Court and this both with regard to the association dispute and with reference to the contested crimes (extortion).

Today, the Second Criminal Section of the Court of Cassation annulled without postponement the order of the Court of Review of Catanzaro with reference to all the crimes alleged against the accused, ordering the termination of the restrictive measure against the same who, therefore, he will face the trial against him as a free man.

Giuseppe Armando Bonavita was arrested in the “Maestrale” proceedings in May 2023.

Furthermore, he had also been subjected to prison measures in the operation called “Imperium”, again conducted by the DDA of Catanzaro and subsequently merged into “Maestrale-Carthago”, but, in that case, accepting the reasons for review, already the The Catanzaro review court had annulled the precautionary custody order.