New hospital in Cosenza, just wait. An assist for Occhiuto from Caruso


By John

The new hospital remains an empty box, an uncertain geographical expression, a great work transformed into a hunting trophy, between need and functionality. The tug of war between Palazzo dei Bruzi and the Region has been going on for years. A conflict officially based on different currents of technical thought which in reality hide irreparable ideological fractures. Furrows that leave heavy legacies on the feasibility of a project that could change the history of healthcare in Cosenza and the rest of its province. Time has not shortened the distance between the mayor and the governor Roberto Occhiuto. But, this time, it's true Franz Caruso to take a step back in the name of social utility that prevails over the interest of the political sacristies. The mayor lends a hand to the governor, seeking that point of balance to break the current impasse and open the construction site: «Once again I ask the president of the Region, also in his capacity as commissioner ad acta for Calabrian healthcare, that it is guaranteed the people of Cosenza in the province of Cosenza have the sacrosanct right to be treated in a hospital worthy of the name. Therefore, let the new Hub hospital in Cosenza be built. While I remain of the opinion that the best site on which to locate it is Vaglio Lise, as decided by the Cosenza City Council, so that it can be built, I have already told President Occhiuto to do it where he wants, but do it.”