New hospital in Cosenza: on 25 October at the Tar the discussion of the appeal presented by the Municipality against the decree of the Region

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By John

The public hearing in the course of which the merits of the appeal presented by the municipal administration led by Mayor Franz Caruso against the executive decree of the department of health protection and social-health services of the Calabria Region, n. 9088 of 27 June 2023, concerning the construction of the new hospital and health center in Cosenza. The decree challenged by the municipal administration of Cosenza is the decree to contract, pursuant to art. 32, paragraph 2, of Legislative Decree 50/2016, for the assignment of technical services for the preparation of the feasibility document of the design alternatives. The protection of the reasons of the municipal administration was, as is known, entrusted, in the appeal presented before the TAR, to Prof. Avv.Angelo Piazza. Prof. Piazza had received a mandate from the Municipality of Cosenza to defend the authority and goodness of the decisions taken by the Municipal Council of Palazzo dei Bruzi which had indicated the site of Vaglio Lise as the most suitable one for the definitive allocation of the new Hub hospital in Cosenza. The reasons proposed by the Municipality of Cosenza in the appeal presented by Prof. Piazza and which will be discussed on the merits, before the Calabria TAR, in the hearing of next October 25, move from the assumption that the decree of the Calabria Region, through the evaluation of two other alternative sites to the one indicated by the municipal council of the city of Cosenza (Vaglio Lise) cancels the complex procedure which had involved, in its various phases, the political responsibility of the institutional bodies of the Region and of the municipal body and, at the same time, represents a real mortification for Cosenza by depriving it, compared to such an important choice as that of the location of the new Hub Hospital, of its role as provincial capital.