Here is Plescia: Messina has its bomber jacket! Tonight the presentation of the team in Piazza del Popolo


By John

The novelty of the beginning of the week in Messina is represented by the presence in the group of Vincenzo Plescia, the new Biancoscudate striker, the official announcement of which should arrive in the next few hours. He will be the center forward designated in Giacomo Modica’s chessboard, ready to send him on the field from the first minute already in the seasonal debut scheduled for Saturday on the Audace Cerignola field. In fact, the opening with the Città di Sant’Agata had highlighted the need to have a role reference point at the center of the attack, with Emmausso who, trapped in the grip of more expert defenders, had struggled to find position and movements. Script radically changed in the second half, with the former Taranto diverted to the left and the presence of Pierluca Luciani as the apex of the offensive trident.

Twenty-five years old from Palermo, Plescia, who comes from Avellino, exploded with Roccella in 2018 (9 goals in four months from D, the first right at the “Franco Scoglio” against Messina), but then he failed to keep his promises at the start of his career, reaching double figures only with Vibonese in 20/21 (11 goals in C) and not exceeding the three goals in the seasons with Gubbio, Renate, Piacenza and Carrarese.

And that of Plescia is not the only novelty: in the group there is also Jacopo De Matteis, goalkeeper born in 2002 of Salernitana school who will replace Riccardo Daga, close to the consensual termination of the contract. And still on the topic of goalkeepers, Vincenzo Quartarone has also left, in search of a new accommodation.

On defensedepartment in which “thick” news are not excluded even in the last hours of the market, only the official announcement is awaited for the young Mattia Darini and Giuseppe Salvoaggregated for weeks now.

Furthermore, in view of the Cerignola race, we will try to have Federico Pacciardi availablewho continues to work separately together with Ragusa, but who appears substantially recovered, so much so that he could already go back to work with his teammates today.

Vincent Plescia thus becomes the highlight of the Messina market, the most awaited and on which much of the work of sports director Domenico Roma has been concentrated. The striker could get a taste of Messina’s enthusiasm right away in the official presentation expected for tonight in Piazza del Popolo.
The event, sponsored by the Municipality of Messina, will be anticipated from 5.30 pm by a village set up by the Messina Social City with inflatable games and the presence of numerous children from socio-educational centers who will also have the opportunity to “dribble” with some of first team players. The highlight will start at 20: on stage the journalist Rosaria Brancato and Vincenzo Maira, for everyone “Speaker Maira”, a social character who from this year will be the voice of Messina at the stadium. A DJ set, the screening of a celebratory video and the participation of the well-known Messina actor Ninni Bruschetta are planned. On stage, waiting for the players and staff of the first team (who will train at the “Marullo” at 6.00 pm), the mayor Federico Basile, the councilor for sport Massimo Finocchiaro and a representation of the youth sector will take turns, with the presence of Alessandro Parisi, coach of the Primavera team together with Roberto Crea. Tomorrow at 17 in Bisconte, however, before the test against Igea Virtus, the season ticket campaign will be illustrated.