New photo of Prince Louis taken by Kate published: “It has not been modified”


By John

A new photograph of Prince Louis, taken by his mother Kate, has been released by Kensington Palace to mark the sixth birthday of the third son of the Princes of Wales. The court expressly wanted to reassure that this image has not been modified after the media fuss triggered by the one released on the occasion of Mother's Day last month and then withdrawn amid general shame for the evident manipulations for which the princess herself had taken responsibility. An image that she had also fueled the vicious circle of hypotheses surrounding Kate's health, which ended only with the touching video in which the wife of the heir to the throne William announced that she had cancer and that she was undergoing chemotherapy.

The photograph of Louis was taken in Windsor in the “last days”, said a palace spokesperson, according to whom the Princes of Wales are grateful for the messages of good wishes sent to their son. With a request to ensure Catherine's privacy while she undergoes cancer treatment, the palace said it was aware of the difficult balance of publishing a birthday photo of Louis but decided to do so anyway as a way to thank those who sent the their best wishes.