Europeans, Schlein renounces his name in the symbol: “It would be divisive”


By John

Live on Instagram, Elly Schlein he took a stone off the dems' shoe. Indeed, a boulder. The secretary announced that her name will not appear in the PD symbol on the ballot papers for the European elections, because it would have been “more divisive than strengthening – he said – and we don't need divisions”. An issue that was splitting the party therefore seems closed. Apparently. Because the debate continues.

The general outline is the one approved in the direction: Schlein leaders in the Center and in the Islands, Stefano Bonaccini in the North East, Cecilia Strada in the North West and Lucia Annunziata in the South. But since the lists are not yet closed – the deadline is May 1st – for the less visible places there can always be some surprises. Meanwhile, the secretary was able to say she was “happy” for a team that she defined as “beautiful, strong and plural”. The tensions for the symbol therefore lasted 24 hours, the time of one direction and the span of a morning. But they weighed on the relationship between the secretary and the majority in the party. And they have widened the cracks within the minority led by Stefano Bonaccini. Among the critical voices, also that of the leader of the South, Annunziata: in a message to the secretary she had explained that writing Schlein in the symbol would have been «the transformation of the Democratic Party into a personal party” and would have put it «on the path to accepting the same model” of the premiership.

In truth, even after the Instagram live broadcast, there was some grumbling, especially over the formula used by the secretary, who nevertheless thanked “whoever made this proposal” for his name in the symbol. “A way to get out – was the comment of a member of the minority of the party – but there was a lot of the secretary in the proposal, even if, as president, it was Bonaccini who formally illustrated it to the management”. Controversies that Schlein glossed over: «I want to thank Bonaccini – he said – running together in the European elections is exciting, the Democratic Party is a compact team». The substance of Schlein's move convinced most. “I believe that he demonstrated generosity and wisdom, with a decision that took into account all the sensitivities of the party,” said the mayor of Florence, Dario Nardella, candidate for the Centre.

With the race announcement, Schlein made the first move. While waiting for the TV match, it is now up to the prime minister, Giorgia Meloni, to decide whether she will be part of the match and with what formula. A confrontation at the polls would polarize the conflict, an effect that the two leaders do not seem to mind. “I hope to help elect the highest possible number” of PD candidates, Schlein said. “I will be there. I am running to try together to bring the Democratic Party as high as possible. I am running because it is a crucial challenge. The socialist family is the only barrier to the advance of the right. We need all of us to get involved.” In the live broadcast, Schlein thanked the candidates on the PD list, such as Nicola Zingaretti, who “gave in to my insistence”, said the secretary, and the former director of Avvenire, Marco Tarquinio, who due to his position against the sending weapons to Kiev has raised more than one doubt in the party. «Although he is not from the Democratic Party – Schlein defended him – he shares the challenge for a Europe of more solidarity, more justice and peace». The lists are still in progress.

And, given the not exactly relaxed climate, suspicions continue. In the afternoon, in the ranks of the Democratic Party there were those who took into account the possibility that Schlein could still decide to run, in secluded positions, even where he is not the leader. A hypothesis that does not appear to be on the table at the Nazarene. Meanwhile, the secretariat is looking ahead to 8 and 9 June: «There is a great desire for change and to ignite hope. If we win together, the alternative is already there and will be there tomorrow.”