Nicotera, a 16-year-old lifeguard rescues a 4-year-old girl and the other passengers on board a damaged motorboat


By John

Rescue of six people in the waters off the coast of Nicotera. The protagonist of the misadventure was a motorboat that was passing through the “El Morocco” bathing establishment. During the crossing, suddenly, due to a breakdown, the boat began to take on water, to the point that in a short time the hull was almost completely submerged and began to sink. The passengers on board the boat risked drowning and realizing the danger they began to wave their arms to ask for help. To notice everything that was happening the very young lifeguard Francesco Migale, 16 years old, from this year in possession of the patent that he is exploiting in the family business of the “El Morocco” beach. Seeing the hull in serious trouble, without hesitation, he immediately dived in and with his skate brought all six people to safety, first a 4-year-old girl, avoiding the worst. Meanwhile, the hull sank and was recovered, in a subsequent intervention, by the young man’s father, Saverio Migale. Among the applause of the bathers of the Nicotera Marina beach, the rescued tourists were able to express their gratitude to the young Francesco who is attending the third year of the “F. Severi” Higher Education Institute of Gioia Tauro and plays football in the Vibonese junior, who showed great courage by implementing a providential intervention that avoided the worst. An adventure that ended, fortunately, only with a great scare.