Battiato checks his will in which he leaves everything to his niece. Is it authentic?


By John

In 2018, Franco Battiatothe famous singer-songwriter who died in 2021, would have written his last wishes on a sheet, entrusting all his assets to her niece Grazia Cristina Battiato. This note, dated May 11, 2018 and authenticated by a notary, was only disclosed in June 2021 by the niece herself, who took it to the notary Alessandro De Cicco. However, its validity is questioned by some elements, including the style chosen and the signature. Indeed, it seems that Battiato never wrote in block letters.

Franco Bechis gave the news on open. However, in February 2018 Giuseppe Zappalà, a neurologist at the Garibaldi hospital in Catania, had detected in the musician a “temporal-spatial disorientation, marked cognitive and short-term memory disorders, which have worsened significantly in recent months”. The certificate had been the basis of the decision of the court of Catania to appoint his brother Michele as support administrator of the musician.