Nicotera, the mayor's 'abuses' in the Chamber: opposition motion of no confidence


By John

A first step had been taken in recent weeks. A motion announced by Movi@vento, but which did not arrive in the Chamber. Now the step is double. And, in fact, the motion of no confidence against Mayor Giuseppe Marasco it was sent to the president of the municipal council and to the secretary of the organization by both minority groups, Movi@Vento and Lega Salvini prime minister. The question, according to the councilors, is supported by numerous reasons, the most serious of which, the latest in chronological order, concerns the building abuse contested in Marasco which, for this reason, is the recipient of a demolition order.
«There were multiple reasons for the protests against the mayor and his majority carried out over almost five years – we read in the document -. They concerned both the method and the merit of the administrative action which stood out for the extreme closure to any collaboration of the minority, which saw the proposals for improvement of the measures taken by the majority rejected or, worse, several council resolutions adopted unanimously were nullified ». The motion was also preceded by a request for resignation made by the leader of the League, Antonio Macrì and by a similar request, signed by Movi@Vento, included in the first point of the agenda of a municipal council to date not called despite the expiry of the prescribed 20 days.

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