Earthquake in Taiwan, video of nurses running to protect newborns


By John

During the earthquake that hit Taiwan yesterday, nurses at a hospital on the island rushed to protect newborns. A video that went viral, captured by a security camera and circulated on social media, shows maternity ward staff working quickly to secure cots as the hospital shakes under the force of the earthquake.

In Hualien, a Taiwanese county, rescue teams have been working tirelessly for over 24 hours after the 7.4 magnitude earthquake that shook the entire island. Efforts are concentrated on reaching hundreds of people isolated in mountainous areas, now difficult to access due to damage to communication routes. The updated toll speaks of over 1,060 injured and 10 victims, with 38 people still missing.

Local media reported that the earthquake caused severe damage to bridges and tunnels along major arterial roads in Hualien. More than 600 people were temporarily trapped in a hotel and tourist center in Taroko National Park, but were later rescued. Around 60 workers, previously stranded in a quarry, were evacuated in the afternoon, and another four, trapped in a coal mine, were rescued.

The island's meteorological agency, also responsible for seismic monitoring, reported more than 300 aftershocks following the main earthquake. This post-earthquake activity may continue for a few days, keeping attention on the island.