No to the Bridge, Angelo Bonelli will be in Reggio tomorrow to present the Strait National Park


By John

On Friday 10 November, at 4.00 pm, in the prestigious Hall of Chandeliers of Palazzo S. Giorgio in Reggio Calabria, a presentation of the law proposed by the Greens and Left Alliance for the establishment of the Strait and Costa Viola National Park. The meeting will see the participation of Angelo Bonelli, national co-spokesperson for Europa Verde-Verdi and AVS deputy. Gerardo Pontecorvo, Elisa Romano, Alessia Alboresi, Orlando Amodeo, Mauro Mangano and Antonella Ingianni will be present, all co-spokespersons of Europa Verde-Verdi in their respective cities and regions.

The event aims to raise public and political awareness of environmental issues affecting the Strait and Costa Viola area, emphasizing the importance of concrete and coordinated action. Angelo Bonelli will lead the discussion, highlighting the urgency of a law that protects these precious ecosystems, in line with the bill already advanced by the Green and Left Alliance in Parliament.