Observatory and Forum dedicated to young Calabrians. The bill reaches the Council


By John

Putting young people who live, study or work in the Calabrian area at the center of active policies. This is the main objective of the bill presented to the Regional Council by the representatives of the League. The main axes of the legislative initiative are support for autonomy paths, the promotion of the protagonism and active participation of young people, understood as people between 15 and 35 years old. ¬ęThe aims of the proposed law – is the content of the report that accompanies the provision – follows these axes and recalls the themes of protagonism and participation, of support for autonomy, starting from housing, of the fight against poverty educational and relational and school dropout, the promotion of opportunities in the field of youth entrepreneurship, training and international exchanges, support for forms of social commitment and active citizenship and the valorization of creativity”.
The proposed regional programming model is divided into two levels: a three-yearly one launched by the Council and another annual one prepared by the Council. The programming model, for both plans, defines the coordination and integration between regional measures and policies, based on the priorities of the plan as well as identifying the municipalities and area plans as reference areas for reading needs and programming interventions on a local scale.

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