Catanzaro regulates the Bari practice with a goal in each half from Vandeputte and Iemmello


By John


MARKERS 4′ pt Vandeputte; 33′ st Iemmello
CATANZARO (4-4-2) Fulignati 6.5; Situm 6.5, Brighenti 6.5, Antonini 6 (21′ st Miranda 6), Krajnc 6; Sounas 6 (1′ st Oliveri 6), Petriccione 6.5 (21′ st Pompetti 6.5), Verna 6.5 (41′ st Pontisso sv), Vandeputte 7; Iemmello 7, Ambrosino 7 (34′ st D’Andrea sv). All. Vivarini 6.5
BARI (3-4-1-2) Brenno 6; Matino 5.5, Di Cesare 6.5, Vicari 5.5; Pucino 6.5, Lulic 6 (30′ st Edjouma 5.5), Benali 6, Ricci 5.5 (22′ st Dorval 5.5); Sibyls 5.5; Nasti 6.5 (30′ st Morachioli 5.5), Menez 5 (22′ st Puscas 5.5). Annex Iachini 6
REFEREE Pezzuto from Lecce 6
NOTE Spectators 9,856 (subscribers 5,423), total revenue of approximately 141,000 euros. Brighenti, Di Cesare, Vicari, Benali (B), Nasti (B) and Vandeputte (C) are booked. Corners 2-3. Rec. 3′; 4′.

Another magical night at the “Ceravolo”. Vandeputte’s free kick at the start and Iemmello’s tenth signature, shortly after half an hour of the second half, knocked out Bari and placed a threat on the playoffs. Catanzaro flies with the second victory in a row, gets the Apulians into even more trouble and above all comes within one of Palermo: here, where the Eagles dare, you can go at full speed because pressure doesn’t exist, only daydreams exist afterwards a deserved victory, even if it was difficult for what the guests showed in the second half. Then the captain flexed his muscles and there was nothing more to be done.