October gas bill rises 12%


By John

The gas bill on the protected market increases by 12% in October compared to September. This was announced by Arera, the public energy authority, which sets the electricity and gas tariffs on this market. The increase is due to the increase in the cost of natural gas, +7.9%, and the increase in expenditure for transport and meter management, +4.1%. General charges remain unchanged. The protected gas and electricity market concerns 10 million users, a third of the total. The others are on the free market, where rates are set by private companies.

Codacons: “For gas bills +159 euros per family”

The 12% increase in tariffs decided today by Arera will determine a greater annual expense for gas equal to +159 euros per family, bringing the bill to 1,486 euros per year per household in the hypothesis of constant prices. Codacons states this, commenting on the tariff update ordered by the Authority.

«As predicted in recent days by Codacons, the war that broke out in Israel has had direct effects on the pockets of Italians through an increase in the gas bill – explains the president Carlo Rienzi – An increase which does not bode well in view of the winter period, when that is, 80% of household gas consumption is concentrated. Precisely for this reason, and considering the excessive volatility of energy prices, we loudly ask the Government to extend the protected market at least through 2024″.

Precisely to counteract the increases and help Italians save in the coming months on the expenditure item relating to gas, Codacons today launches a campaign to self-reduce consumption by adopting some simple measures:

– reduce the temperature of the radiators in the house by limiting it to 20°C in the living area and 16-18°C in the sleeping area. For every degree less in temperature you save around 8% on your gas bill;

– preferring the shower to the bathtub, not turning on the water too early and turning it off when soaping up, reducing the total duration of the shower saves up to 15% on gas consumption;

– do not cover radiators with furniture or fabrics, insert a reflective panel or a sheet of tinfoil between the radiator and the wall, screen doors and windows and use thermostatic valves to achieve bill savings of up to 20%;

– in the kitchen, prefer foods that require quick cooking, use lids on pans or pots, take advantage of passive cooking, optimize the use of the oven to cook multiple dishes at the same time, choose hobs suited to the size of the pots.

Assoutenti: “Between electricity and gas the total flies to 2,250 euros”

«The 12% increase in gas tariffs in October is worse than all forecasts, and is equivalent to an increased expense of +159 euros per family on an annual basis, with the gas bill reaching 1,486 at the new prices. euro per household (in the period 1 October 2023/30 September 2024): if we also consider the expenditure on electricity which rose by +18.6% in the last quarter of the year with the average bill equal to 764 euros, the overall bill for electricity and gas paid by a family in the protected market it reaches 2,250 euros per year”. Assoutenti states this, commenting on the tariff update ordered by Arera.

«With the new tariffs, the price of gas is 9.6% more expensive compared to the same period of 2021, and even +58.2% compared to 2020 – explains president Furio Truzzi – An increase that represents a bad signal ahead of the winter, unfortunately fully expected, considering that with the outbreak of the conflict in Israel, energy prices rose by 30% in just a few days. For this reason we invite the Government to keep its guard up, fighting speculation on the markets, considering that the energy big names have already purchased gas stocks at decidedly lower prices, and reopening the discussion on tariffs administered by the State, given that energy it is an asset guaranteed as a primary and essential service to families and as such must be adequately defended”, concludes Truzzi.