Ok from the Reggio Metropolitan Council to budget changes for the Solidarity Village of San Ferdinando


By John

The Metropolitan Council, chaired by the mayor Giuseppe Falcomat√†approved, unanimously, the strategic guidelines for the development of the “Corruption Risks and Transparency” Section of the Integrated Activity and Organization Plan (Piao) 2024-2026″, a mandatory requirement in compliance with the national anti-corruption plan.
Therefore, the “Repaci” chamber expressed a favorable opinion on a series of changes to the 2024/2026 budget forecast. In conclusion, the assembly voted in favor for a change in the budget which will allow the organization, in the metropolitan area, of the final stages of the “5-a-side football tournament of the regions”, organized by the Italian Football Federation and which includes the live broadcast of the event on the national Sky channels connected from the PalaCalafiore in Reggio Calabria.