Pace del Mela mourns the 16-year-old who died after crashing into a tree in Milazzo


By John

Infinite sadness. There can be no different feeling in learning of the tragic end of a 16-year-old boy who lost his life yesterday morning at dawn while on his way to work.
Giuseppe “Peppe” Carauddo from Pace del Mela died in Milazzo hospital where he had been transported in desperate conditions by the 118 ambulance, following the accident with his motorbike in Via Madonna del Boschetto, the road that connects Archi in Park.
The boy was traveling on a Honda SH 125 motorbike which went off the road shortly after 6am, for reasons yet to be ascertained, throwing him against a tree. The accident occurred shortly before the entrance to the cogeneration plant, near a curve considered treacherous where other misfortunes have occurred in the past. A few years ago, a few tens of meters further on, another boy from Pace del Mela had died.
A real tragedy has befallen the family of honest workers, father Roberto is an employee of a company in Giammoro, mother Agata works in a supermarket in the town. He, Peppe, was a boy close to his parents, who after having completed the year of study at the “Majorana” technological institute (he had just been promoted to the fourth class of the Mechatronics Mechanics section) had decided to carve out a small economic independence for himself, finding work inside the laboratory of a bar located near the hospital. And every morning he showed up early to support the preparation of pastry products to be served to customers for breakfast.. And he was doing so yesterday too, despite the public holiday.
According to what was learned, after spending the evening in Milazzo in the company of some friends, he had returned home to be able to rest and be operational at work. Around 6 o’clock he left his home in Pace to reach Grazia, passing through the old access road to Milazzo. He would have had to travel less than four kilometers to reach the bar. And instead the bitter and mocking fate led him to end up off the road and out of life. For a whole life that he had ahead of him.
The officers from the Milazzo police station who started the investigations will view the cameras present in the street (probably those from Ram and the cogeneration plant) to try to clarify the dynamics and causes of the accident. At the moment no hypothesis is excluded, but the most accredited hypothesis, however, remains that of an autonomous accident.
The magistrate on duty at the Court of Barcelona has ordered – as happens in these cases – the seizure of the body and the autopsy will be carried out next week.
The tragic news immediately spread to Pace del Mela and the entire Pacese community rallied around the Carauddo family. Mayor Mario La Malfa announced that the municipal administration will proclaim city mourning for the day of the funeral, also postponing a summer event scheduled last night. The Confraternity of San Giuseppe is also moving, with former councilor Angela Bianchetti who together with the parish priest, Antonio Alfieri, promoted a fundraiser to help the family.