Look at the environment and tourism, the first Calabria 2024 forum in San Nicola Arcella


By John

It will be held next Monday at Palace of the Princes of San Nicola Arcellat (9.30 am) the first Calabria 2024 forum. We will talk about the environment, sea and tourism with the Mare Pulito “Bruno Giordano” association. The introduction will be carried out by the president of the association Francesca Mirabelli which will focus on the interactions between tourism and the environment which identify the factors on which the economic growth of a territory and its employment levels depend. «It is necessary to evaluate – explains Mirabelli – the resilience of the ecosystem and understand the economic horizon of local, public and private decision makers in relation to the evolutionary characteristics of tourist demand».

The main aim of the conference is to develop a strategy that allows us to study the environmental damage of tourism and in particular the emission of waste, the environmental stress caused by tourist activities and the effects on population dynamics. The list of speakers is long: Claudio Ricci (professor of sociology of tourism at the University of Perugia); Emilio Becheri (editor in chief of the Rivista Turistica); Luca Santini (president of Federparchi); Tullio Romita (president of the degree course in Tourist Sciences at Unical); Mario Maiolo (professor of hydraulic constructions and hydrology at Unical); Giuseppe Mendicino (professor in Construction at Unical); Elvira Brunelli (Biology professor at Unical), Francesco Sesso (underwater photography world champion); Aldo Ferrara (president of Unindustria), Claudio Moroni (general manager of the Calabria Infrastructure department); Claudio Mehilli (CIO and Co-Founder Unici Italia Srl); Pietro Francesco Salsano (divisional general of the Calabria Carabinieri legion); Alessandro Colucci (presidential secretary of the Chamber of Deputies). The conclusions will be entrusted to the Minister of the Environment Gilberto Pichetto Fratin.