Palermo, Patrizia Monterosso “unseated” by Federico II: Galvagno's moves for his successor


By John

The season ended with a certified e-mail of just a few lines Patrizia Monterosso at the helm of the Federico II Foundation. And a race for succession has begun which animated the debate behind the scenes at Ars yesterday: because the rumor circulating is that the choice for the position of new general director will fall on a non-Sicilian personality who the headquarters of Brothers of Italy would have reported to the leaders of the Ars.
One of the leading figures of the regional establishment therefore falls. Patrizia Monterosso was the manager, called by the former president of the Ars Gianfranco Micciché, who held the reins of the foundation, which manages the monumental complex of Palazzo Reale. She is responsible for the projection outside the structure, with the opening of vast areas and the collaboration with international artists who have multiplied the interest well beyond the Palatine chapel. It is no coincidence that Micciché yesterday recalled that “before her, the Federico II Foundation lost 400 thousand euros a year and with her the proceeds made it possible to recover the deficit to the point of strengthening the staff and investments in cultural events”.
Patrizia Monterosso learned that her season was over with an email in which it simply came to her the expiry of the contract was remembered (March 10) and it was clearly specified that there would not be a renewal of the assignment. The current president of ARS, Gaetano Galvagno, who is also president of the Foundation, yesterday did not officially comment on the change at the helm of Federico II. But she let it slip that it had been for weeks a sort of casting is underway to identify the successor. It is known that Galvagno, a leading exponent of Fratelli d'Italia, asked some national personalities from the world of culture linked to the right to be willing to come to Sicily to lead the Foundation. According to the roars that spread around the Ars immediately yesterday, it was the area headed by Ignazio La Russa, Galvagno's big sponsor, who suggested a range of names for the post-Monterosso.