Palmi, the wait is almost over. All ready for the “scasata” of the Varia


By John

The countdown has begun which will bring the highlight of the party to 6pm, the “scasata” of the Varia. Palmi has been in turmoil for weeks, but since this morning the city is breathing a different air. The wait is almost over, the master craftsmen have almost completed their work on the large Varia wagon and the sound of the band and drums of the Giants fills the streets with music and colour. That color that will invade the streets of the center from the early afternoon with the parades of the ‘mbuttaturi’ of the five guilds. Artisans, Carters, Sailors, Cowherds and Farmers will load the view of the “scasata”. From 18, in fact, the 200 mbuttaturi chosen to stay under the shafts will become the protagonists of the party. They have the task of pulling the imposing Varia wagon up and down Corso Garibaldi. At 4pm the historical procession will start, while Aninella Maria Teresa Leva and the Eternal Father Antonio Garipoli will perform a series of acts prescribed by tradition before reaching the Arangiara, the Corso Garibaldi area from where the Varia will start. From 12 it will no longer be possible to access the historic center by car, while from 13 the vehicular transit ban will start. In the city, as always on the occasion of the Varia festival, several tens of thousands of people are expected who will follow with joy and apprehension the race of the imposing chariot on which, at a height of 16 meters, sits the very young Animella, a representation of the ascent of the Virgin in heaven.