Amanda Knox will be a mother again: on social networks the photo with the baby bump


By John

Amanda Knox will be a mother for the second time. This was revealed by a photo of her that she published on her Instagram profile, in which she appears sitting on a bench showing an evident baby bump, and the related comments.

The attached description, ‘Pregspreading @oxfordenglishdictionary’, somehow recalls the word pregnancy. Right in the first comment she is asked: “Post back to the past or… New baby?!”. With Knox answering: “New!”.

The American in the photo wrinkled her nose in what appeared to be a smile. With a bottle in hand right in front of her belly and children’s toys, a slide and a carpet, behind her. A second possible new pregnancy confirmed by Knox herself in another image that always appears on Instagram in which she and her husband dance “in a small town”. “Is that a silent announcement that you’ve already had baby number 2? Congratulations either way! He’s one lucky baby!” writes a follower. “In the photo I’m 8 months pregnant! That’s why my skirt is pulled up” Amanda Knox replied. That she is already the mother of a little girl, Eureka Muse Knox-Robinson, had in 2022 by her husband Christopher Robinson.

In recent years, the American was involved in the investigation into the murder of Meredith Kercher in Perugia. Her crime to which she has always proclaimed herself extraneous, being definitively acquitted at the end of a long and controversial judicial process.